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Ref. 2412     4,359 ft2  6  5
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 4,359 ft2, 6 rooms and 5 bathrooms, 2 Garage space and Storage room.
3,150,000 €
Ref. 2400     2,067 ft2  3  4
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 2,067 ft2 and 3 rooms and 4 bathrooms.
2,400,000 €
Ref. 2429     1,572 ft2  3  3
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 1,572 ft2, 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms, Lift and Air conditioning.
895,000 €
Ref. 2436     2,594 ft2  4  4
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 2,594 ft2 and 4 rooms and 4 bathrooms.
2,045,000 €
Ref. 2437     5,382 ft2  5  6
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 5,382 ft2, 5 rooms and 6 bathrooms, Garage, Storage room and Lift.
4,700,000 €
Ref. 2423     1,421 ft2  2  2
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 1,421 ft2, 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms, Storage room and Air conditioning.
875,000 €
Ref. 2399     1,464 ft2  3  2
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 1,464 ft2 and 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms.
1,850,000 €
Ref. 2435     2,142 ft2  3  4
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 2,142 ft2 and 3 rooms and 4 bathrooms.
2,850,000 €

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Living Net is a network of independent real estate consultants, specialized in the luxury real estate market in Madrid and Sotogrande. Our main working area is the purchase and sale of residential properties in premium areas of Madrid, but we also deal transactions on request, both residential-rental and for commercial assets in Madrid. Our personal real estate shopper service also extends to unique fincas throughout Spain.


We offer our clients a real estate consulting service with totally personalized attention, advising them throughout the buying and selling process: search, valuation, commercialization, negotiation, and legal and economic accompaniment.


Efficiency, optimizing the work and time of our clients and collaborators. We only manage properties that meet the searching criteria of our clients, thus optimizing our services.


Professionalism, working with rigor and transparency, following work processes aimed at achieving the integral interests of our clients.


Discretion, confidentially treating our portfolio of exclusive assets. There is no information of the properties we´re dealing in our web, only of our services.

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We offer our clients the greatest availability of assets in the luxury real estate segment, not only within our portfolio, but also collaborating with the best agencies and other real estate intermediaries. A service tailored to the demands and needs of each client.


We´ll be delighted to help you find the real estate asset you dream of, or manage the rental or sale of your property. Please feel free to contact us without compromise.